Saturday, April 3, 2010

This Morning At Church

Well I am still kicked out of the kitchen at my "new" church. It made my day. Today I went to help get ready for Easter and I was told to stay out of the kitchen. YEPPIE. SO I went to the Pastors wife and told her that the PA kicked me out of the kitchen (again.) The pastors wife said how do you feel about that? I said I couldn't be happier. The pastors wife said that I had a good attitude.

So I filled Easter eggs with a group of people then I went with a different group to go clean all the toys for the kids. I had a great time cleaning toys. I let everyone know that I was still kicked out of the kitchen. That made me even more happy.

I suggest that everyone ware their Hawaiian shirts tomorrow. That did not go over so well. So I said ok then why don't we all wear flannel shirts. That idea flopped as too. Oh well.

I think I will wear a short sleeve Hawaiian shirt with a long sleeve flannel shirt over the top.


ChaChaneen said...

Ha Ha - your so funny girlfriend! Happy Easter!

KARNA said...

I never WANT to be in their kitchens anyway ... :)Bloom where you are planted quietly and with grace! :) loveya ... Sorry your dad isn't doing well;I will keep on praying.