Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Cloie

Dear Cloie,

Thank you for calling me a college graduate and tell me how stupid I am because I can't spell a 3 letter word in one breath. That was uplifting and encouraging. RIGHT.

Do you know how embarrassed I was? Are you happy now? You belittle me and compare me to your 8 year old daughter. You did not stop there, you went on to give me basic spelling pointers and a lesson on spelling. LOOK, I can spell now, thank you so much!

You really do not understand dyslexia do you? You don't understand that I also have an audio processing disorder that makes it impossible for me to hear ANY vowel sounds. Try going through life not hearing oo, a, au, ee, e, so on. You cant even begin to imagine what it takes to get my eyes, ears and brain to spell a simple 3 letter word.

Most likely I am way smarter then you since I have 2 AA's and you have none. I just cant spell.

(Malinda.. I can't spell- its a joke between me and Malinda)

Your Sister In Christ,


Your uninvited to the rest of my life.  

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KARNA said...

aww KC...don't let the turkeys get you down! KNOWING what you have accomplished in spite of dyslexia is so great and wonderful .... people like this seem to want others to feel worse...which means they feel really really bad about themselves. UGH