Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hey Mikey, I did it!

Foodie Sister 1 has reached out to "friend" me. In doing so she has asked me to play "words with friends" on our cell phones. I asked Foodie Sister 1 what is words with friends? scrabble she said. My eyes popped open WHAT?? I can do this. I said ok. My story is to long and complicated to tell a new friend right out of the gate. I told her I have never played Scrabble before. She looked shocked.

Growing up with a bad case of dyslexia, prevented me from playing many childhood games. I have never in my life played scrabble. Why should I? I can't spell anything. When I was young I did not want my friends to know I could not read or spell. My foster sister tried really hard to help me out. So when my foster sister and I would play a game, she would do the counting or reading. God bless her. Now that I am old, and I have learned to read and write a little better (Thanks to the Literacy program and 20 years of hard work.) I am going to try to play scrabble for the first time in my life!

For some unknown reason here in America if you can't spell that equates stupidity. It is a cultural thing. You are told all your life (by teachers, bosses, friends, the media and family) if you can't spell you must be a complete idiot. That is why dyslexics do everything they can to hide, they don't want you to know they can't spell or read. They do not want you to think they are dimwitted. I found out that spelling has nothing to do with your intelligence. If you can figure out how to spell any word, then you are a good speller. It does not mean you are smarter then me.

So I downloaded the app. The app told me I was first. OH no, what am I suppose to do? The game board was filled up with squares, some with these colors tiles that say DL, DW, TL. and one with a star. What does that mean? I had these tiles with letters on them. Humm, I think I need to make a word. I kept making words, and the app would not except them. The app told me I had make a word with a letter tile on the star.

I was starting to stress. I told my gig a low that I was worried about playing this game. My gig a low said I have to tell Foodie sister 1 that I have dyslexia. No, I don't want to. The foodie family seems a little intimidating, they are great cooks, and are very brainy (but down to earth.) I can do this.

F I N D! My first word!!! I did it. I put the N tile over the star. It worked! Last night I came up with the word
L E F T I S T for 20 points. I did not cheat and use my computer to help me come up with a words. Now Foodie Sister 1 has 42 points and I have 40!!!!


KARNA said...

wow am i proud of you! You amaze me and inspire me to do things that are difficult for me. Maybe I'll do a puzzle later on today :) hehe me and my spatial relationship problems. I agree with the gigalow ... i' tell them why? you ask....because they too will realize what a really stellar overcomer you are!!!! The stigma has been broken, torn, gone for you about all of that stuff. YOu did work hard and learn so much!!! She needs to know that; she will respect you even more than she probably already does! Sharon Pillsbury from Hope Center just posted she wanted people to play that game with her and so i signed up too. DL means double letter score, TL means triple...I had NO vowels so I had to skip my turn girl! lol just have fun with it ... no stressers... there you have the big opinion of your older sister now. :) wtg on points. You may want to google tricks for scrabble because it will tell you how to form letters for more points. If i tried to explain i would make you nuts :)

ChaChaneen said...

Oh girlfriend, I'm a big WWF player but just went on hiatus because I have to prepare for upcoming bible study and womens retreat. When I'm back to playing I'll link you up and we can play!