Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cheese Cows (Part 3 of 4)

The plan was that my gig a low and his best friend were going to go on a salmon fishing boat out in the ocean. They had to be on the dock at 5:30 am. My gig a low was sicker then a dog. How was he going to get on a fishing boat, go out to the choppy ocean and fish, let alone it was 5:30 in the morning. Some how my gig a low dragged himself out of bed to get on the boat. I offered to give the guys a ride to the dock. Great. Its ok I had been awake all night because the bed was uncomfortable anyways. I had high hope that my gig a low would feel better and catch a big salmon. It was pitch black at the dock, I took a wrong turn and I got lost. I thought I was going to end up in the city of Jenner. By Gods grace I made it back to the Inn.

The Foodie Sisters were waiting for me. We came up with a great idea, we were going to go hunt cheese! After all I had seen all the cheese cows coming in to Bodega Bay. Sonoma County is well known for its cheese making. The Foodie Sisters nominated me to drive. I was sick of driving and a little nervous but I really did not want to ride in the back of a very small car on a curvy road.

Our first stop was the Marin French Cheese Company. It is outside the city of Petaluma.

It was a beautiful country drive from Bodega. At least that is what the Foodie Sisters said. I was keeping a vigilant watch on the road.

When we arrived I was like a little kid at Disneyland who wants to be first in line at the next ride.  I jumped out of my car, held my arms close to my side and moved very quickly to the door. I didn't care that there was a charming lake with picnic  area. The Marin French Cheese Company store was bewitching me. I was under the cheese spell.

Was this a dream? Was I really here at the cheese factory? Please don't wake me up. I went straight for the triple cream. Everything inside of me was saying hoard as much cheese as you possibly can. Every cheese I tasted was excellent.  They had every taste from sweet to sharp, textures buttery to hard. After eating all the cheese samples, me and the Foodie sisters bought cheese. I got triple cream, triple onion and breakfast cheese. Off to our next stop The Cow Girl Creamery in Point Reyes Station.

I love the Cowgirl Creamery, good for the cow girls!

The Cowgirls are famous for there Red Hawk cheese. When you walk in there is a very strong cheese oder. Inhale  cheese smells, exhale joyful bliss.  The Creamery was packed with people. The staff was friendly and let us taste every single cheese we wanted to without getting rude or disgruntled because they were busy. We tried just about every cheese they had. Every cheeses I tried I fell in love with. I bought Pierce PT (spring summer cheese, )
Mation ( I don't think I spelled that right), Oregon Rouge Smoked Blue, organic Parmiggiano Reggiano. and Vella Dry Jack.  Here are the photos

Thank you Lord for providing the cows, goats and sheep that makes the milk for the cheese. Thank you God for the cheesemakers! (OR Artisan as they like to be called.) Amen.

The Foodie Sisters and I decided it was time to have lunch, so we headed back to Petaluma.


KARNA said...

I LOVE CHEESE And am now jealous of ALL your cheese choices! I've never been to the cowgirl cheese shop, just the other one but willdefinitely shopcowgirls next time i'm up that way! one of my favorite rides in the world anyway. xoxox LOVE your blog

ChaChaneen said...

I lurve this post! We have to do our part to keep the dairy farmers of America (and around the world) employed!