Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photo Album Placerville Arts & Crafts

I went to the Placerville Arts and Crafts Festival.
It had a strange mix of traditional crafts as well as some artiest described themselves as hippy's.
The Hippy's felt really out of place. I told the Hippy's that they should sell their stuff at the Treasure Island Fle .
They would feel comfortable there.
I had a great time. 
I will add links when I find the businesses cards .....
Where are those cards!!!

RQ's Best In Show - Rhodesian Ridgeback wall hanging

Rocks made into Lotus flower

Wine Glass Cozy

My favorite artiest of the day, every thing made out of wool

Hand stitching on different kinds of balls WOW

These young ladies painted glow in the dark rocks.

Two sister who make things out of recycled burlap sacks.

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