Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beach Bliss 3 Gayle

I insisted we stop by Gayle's Bakery in Capitola.  I needed a mid day snack after a long car hike in the woods. I had heard that locals complain that Gayle's is a tourists-trap. I didn't care. Here are some fun facts about Gayle's Bakery.
  • They have been open for 23 years
  • They use REAL butter
  • They use 2 tons of REAL butter per month
  • They make over 250 homemade items every day
  • They use 1 ton of chocolate per month
  • They use 38,000 eggs per month
  • They have a deli 
  • They have a coffee bar
Even though the place was packed, they were very organized. You get a number, they have at least 10 employees, who like a well oiled machine call each number within minutes. The employees were friendly even though I was having a very hard time making up my mind. Everything looked so good...

I had the lemon chiffon cake with whipped cream something or other.  It was fresh, fluffy and zesty! My gig a low had a scone. Tourist trap or not, both were fantastic! I bought dinner rolls, flaky, buttery croissants and cheese sticks made out of the croissants. The cheese sticks were my favorite. I wish I could order them on line. It would be worth the drive just to get more cheese sticks. I think Gayle's is a great mid day stop! I give them 5 out of 5 chocolate chip cookies!

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AcKc said...

Oh by the way---when I'm at Gayle's mid week at noon, I see mostly locals. Very few tourists.

From Dahlia