Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad's 80th Birthday! He is an amazing survivor of pancreatic cancer and a Whipple surgery. I would of never believed my dad would still be here.

I told my dad not to believe the doctors when they said he had a slim to none chance to live through a Whipple surgery (they took out his pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, part of his small intestine and a scoop of his stomach) if he did make it through the surgery, he would not make it more than a year. I told him that he was in Gods hands. The doctor's don't know everything. I should listen to my own advice. God had a plan for my Dad to live to see his 80th birthday.

He is a walking miracle! My dad is a fighter. Something about men his age. They don't just give up, they fight. My dad walks a mile on his good days and the weather is decent. That is pretty amazing.

Most memorable moment. My dad was getting out of the ICU after the Whipple surgery, he said all he wanted was to eat a bowl of ham hock and beans. I said Dad, they just took out most of your internal organs. He did not care. The family made sure to give him ham hock and beans as soon as we could.

Or what about the 15 minute (chemo) port surgery that took 12 hours, he almost bled to death as a result and he got a blood clot in his juggler vain.

Most haunting words: Whipple surgeon right after the surgery when my dad was in the recovery room: "your dad is not out of the woods yet, lets keep our fingers crossed."

Happiest Words ever- Happy 80th birthday Dad!


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