Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beach Biss Part 1 of 5

Me and my gig a low just got home from a trip to Aptos. IT WAS THE BEST TRIP OF THE SUMMER! We stayed in Dahlia's beach condo. It is her home away from home, and she also rents the condo as a vacation rental, if any of you are interested.

Dahlia's condo is on the top right,
on the bluff, by the tall trees in the photo.

I had seen photos of her beach house before, but none do it justice.
From her balcony you have a breath taking view of the ocean.
You can see all the way to the horizon.
Outside the air smells fresh salty, not briny. More on the condo later.

So the minute we park at Dahlia's condo my gig a low wants to go to the beach. Those of you who know me, know I am really not a beach person. I hold a great respect for the ocean, I see it as powerful and unforgiving. I don't find it calm at all. I like walking the beach up at the condo. (My fear of the ocean came long ago when and unnamed family member threw me in to Pacific to "teach me how to swim")

So I was brave, I walk along the back shore, tracking behind my gig a low. As you can see in the photo above there is a river that flows into the ocean. Over time people had build driftwood bridges across the river to get to the seashore (or you can walk the long way around and still get close to the seashore.) My gig glow thought it would be fun to cross the river on a makeshift bridge to get to the seashore quicker.

My gig a low (boy scout extraordinaire) crosses the bridge with three steps and a hop, with a perfect landing in the sand. I look at the river that is about 1 foot deep at this crossing point, I look at the bridge and tell myself I can do this. I get on the driftwood log, and start scooting inch by inch sideways. It is slippery with sand, my gig a low is coaching me to go faster, I almost made it to the end to the log, I fell in. Par for the course. Oh well. My gig a low praised me for giving it the college try. (I have to admit it was fun!)

I could see in my gig a lows eyes he was having great time walking along the sea shore. My eyes were glue to the surf making sure it was not coming to get me. As you can see from the photo above the river feeds into the ocean, and the ocean flows into the river. My gig a low told me if we timed it just right, that we could make it to the other side of the river and not get caught by the surf (the river at this point is only a few inches deep.) I watch him cross with impeccable timing. My turn...ugh..ok 1,2,3 go! Just about the middle the surf plows into me. I lose one of my sandals. I fumble around the water trying to find my sandal. I could feel the ocean trying to suck me in. My gig a low, chivalrous life guard hero jumps back in and tries to find my sandal so I could get out of the water. I ran to the dry beach. I lost my perscription glasses in the salt water blast while trying to locate my sandal. As you well know, most of the time when the ocean takes things, Neptune and his friends keep them.

Some lady walking her pitbull even helped with the search and rescue effort. I told my gig a low and the kind lady to forget about it and thank them both. The lady and her dog moved on. Just about that time I SEE MY SANDAL! I hop and jump across the river to get to the frothy water edge and pull out my bobbing sandal! My sandal was broke, thats why it fell off. Ok, I cross the river again and found my glasses in the sand near the rivers edge where the waters meet. It seemed very rare the ocean ever gives anything back let- alone two items. I felt very blessed and figured Neptune must of been in a good mood. I suggested to my gig a low that we go back to the condo, change out of our wet close and get something to eat. He agreed. From that point on I admired the ocean from the balcony at the condo.

Side note: We ate Chinese food the "Panda Inn." It was very good. 4 out of 5 chop sticks.

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