Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bodega Bay Harbor Inn (part 2 of 4)

My gig a low was exhausted from sitting in the car in traffic, going around in circles all around Napa, having the flu and almost being killed.  All he wanted to do was go to our room and sleep. I wanted to go shake off some nerves because of our close encounter. I was very restless.

We open the door to our room this is what it included.

1 queen size bed (that seemed like a double)
1  white wicker chair
1 small dresser
1  armoire
1 tv on a short stand
 a cold tile floor
1 throw rug

The Bodega Bay Harbor Inn received good reviews from travel advisor. I was not expecting the Claremont Hotel, so everything seemed to be fine. Until we settled in. Here are my complaints.

If I only had one word to describe our room it would be UNCOMFORTABLE.  The bed was stiff , squeaky and small, the wicker chair was hard, the pillows were flat, the floor was cold, you could not see the tv even with two pillows because it was sitting low on the stand. I wish I could say this was a great place if you just wanted to sleep, but I can't say that. You could hear the water when people took showers. The in room coffee tasted like water.

You had to walk a few feet to get to the office for a continental breakfast.  They had bread for toast, jam, tangerines, instant oatmeal, some sort of granola bars, cinnamon spiral bites, brownwater coffee and tea bag tea. It was a tiny area set up for food. It could not hold more then 2 adults at a time. The food was ok as long as you were not expecting much.

The positive aspect of our room the Bodega Bay Harbor Inn:  it is in a convenient location, it was quiet, the shower was hot, the bathroom had good water pressure, they had plenty of towels, sundries, they even had Ponds face towelettes. It had a quilt on the bed.


The outside of the Bodega Bay Harbor was quaint. the Inn sits on the top of a hill, They had picnic tables chairs to sit and watch the boats come in and out of the harbor and traffic going by on the hwy. They even provided a small Webber BBQ if you wanted to BBQ your catch of the day. I enjoyed the landscaping.

Over all I would give the Bodega Bay Harbor Inn  4 1/2 white wicker chairs out of 10. My gig a low gives the Bodega Bay Harbor Inn 2 wicker chairs.

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KARNA said...

I always wondered what that place was like. We stayed at the Bodega Bay Inn for a special weekend once and it was so beautiful. Another time (when my son was getting married up there and we livedin Idaho) I rented a home that overlooked the ocean. It had four bedrooms and we had our best friends and my brother and his wife and my other brother and wife were invited to stay but did not. anyway that was only $600 for the entire fri-mon ....1998 ....but considering it was for six people really for 3 nights and four days it was a real deal and so much fun and easy to relax with other friends. My son was married in the little church in bodega bay that was in THE BIRDS then the reception was at Sonoma Coast Inn and Spa which was outrageous. The do have rooms there too but they are also pricey. Where did you eat...what did you eat....I am still trying to figure out why you were in Napa if you were going to Bodega Bay. (This is where my friend David and I tossed Jeff's ashes into the surf up at Goat Rock)..How is you gigalo feeling today?