Friday, August 5, 2011

Bodgea Bay Part 4

Me and the Foodie Sisters went back to Petluma to have lunch. We drove around until we found somthing that cought our eye. We found the "Wild Goat." It sounded intriguing, so we gave it a try.

The Foodie Sisters had "Cherry Blue" Salad -Hearts of Romaine, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Dried Cherries, Toasted Walnuts with Balsamic dressing $7.50 and Meatballs (Niman Ranch Angus) with Arabitta Sauce (tomato sauce) and melted cheese. 2 meat balls for $5.75. They loved their food.

I had the Petluma Burger (Niman Ranch beef) with aloil. The burger itself was ok. Niman ranch beef is grass fed and very lean. It has a distinc flavor. I probably would of perferd and old fashion, corn raised, fatten, full of hormones and chemical burger. The bun was delicious. It was a warm crusty sourdough roll. They put very little aloil on the bread, therefore, it was kind of dry. $9.25. It seemed to me The Wild Goat specialized in fancy pizzas with a very thin crust.

The Foodie sisters and I got back in the car and were trying to figure out where our next stop was going to be. My phone rang. It was my gig a low. He said they would be back in port in 1 hour. The phone went dead. So we headed back to Bodega Bay.

The boat came in and we got back to the hotel just about the same time. I got lost going to the dock that I could see from our hotel room. I went back to the dock hoping that my gig a low caught a fish an was feeling a little better. It was suppose to be our big night out. We were going to have a nice dinner and talk about the day.

When I finally found my gig a low sitting on the dock, he was kind of this greenish color. UttOH. I said how was your trip?? did you catch a fish? This is a quote from my gig a low "it was a disaster for me. I didn’t fish, laid in the galley the whole time. I was dizzy, nauseous, and weak. It was cold, the fog never burned off, the boat rocked violently all the time. " Well, I guess your day was not as good as mine...My gig a low and his friend got in my car and they both smelled like fish guts. My gig a low's best friend had caught his limit of rock fish.

We got back to the hotel my gig a a low went to bed. My gig a low's best friend and the Foodie Sisters went home. I sat in the very uncomfortable wicker chair and watched tv.

Around 6 pm my gig a low dragged himslef out of bed and we went to dinner down the street at the Sandpiper. We both had a cup of clam chowder. It was more like potato chowder from a can. I added the shrimp scampi appetizer. 4 shrimp floating in some kind of lemon water with a few shreds of white cheese melted on the top. The shrimp tasted and smelled old and very ripe. They were chewy. I ate them anyways because I was hungry. There were flies all over the place. The water was from the tap, not even cold. Quoting my gig a low- Saturday dinner was horrid. It was. I prayed that I would not get sick from the shrimp.

We went back to our room, my gig a low was feeling very poor. He went back to bed, I watched tv from the bed, chair, bed, chair, bed, chair. Nothing was cozy, or comfy.

We left Bodega Bay just about sunrise, we could not get out of Bodega Bay quick enough. We were home before 10:30 am.

My gig a low says "All in all I would rate our vacation at Bodega at a 155mm artillery battery from about 10 miles out and obliterate the town."

At least I had fun with the Foodie Sisters.

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KARNA said...

oh what a terrible time for your gigalow! I could have told you NOT to go to the sandpiper!!! I doubt you'll go back up there but talk to me first. Sounds like a pretty goodlunch time for you girls if you only had more sauce and perhaps that old fashioned full of fat hamburger LOL...xoxox thanks for posting!!!