Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beach Bliss Part 2 The Forest of Nisene Marks

The great thing about this part of the central coast, it has something for everyone. My gig a low and I love the redwood trees! He suggested we take a hike...ok, but are we just a tad out of shape I thought to myself. My gig a low still sees himself as the young strapping buck he once was at 25. We have already been to Big Basin, and Henry Cowell park. This time we decided to go to The Forest of Nisene Marks. It was beautiful.

This forest was clear cut from 1883 - 1923. Once the loggers were gone, the forest healed, and once again has become a place of majesty. My gig a low and I thought it would be a good idea to take the 1.5 mile loope to see the old trees that remain. Someone had stolen the trail markings so we ended up going down this steep embankment down into a ravine. At the bottom there was a clear peaceful creek, and a lovely bridge to stand on to admire Gods handiwork. It was stunning.

I could of stood there for a very long time, maybe all day. My gig a low said we had to go climb out of the ravine. When we made it to the top, we both were just a little short of breath...So we made a plan to do car hiking for the rest of our journey. Driving through the forest along a meandering gravel road on a car hike was perfect. We would stop and take photos, do a little exploring, get back in the car and start again. We found a bridge to stop at.

Sidenote: How many times do you see people who get off the beaten path fall or get stuck and have to be rescued? In the bay area it happens offen because we have mountains and beaches and deltas. I ALWAYS think, look those idiots who don't follow the rules, now we have to spend our tax payer money to save their dumb asses.

photo of the underside of the bridge

So I start looking to see if there is a way to get under the bridge...yes.. it looks kind of perpendicular...but I think I can do it....why not? I start down the vigorous path to get under the bridge. I fall flat on my butt and start sliding down the hill. OH SHOOT I AM GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE DUMB ASSES. I manage to save myself and get back to my feet. I made it under the bridge, my gig a low no where to be found. Humm, how am I going to get out of here??? I started to climb out. I was grabbing tree roots, vines, pebbles anything  to help me get out. Nothing was working. I started praying, please GOD I promise never to be a dumbass again and go off the trail, please help me get out of here! I carefully tiptoed to the other side of the bridge. I assessed the situation and thought oh my I am in big trouble. Somehow I managed to climb out. I was little dirty but very happy to be topside again. My gig a low said where have you been? Under the bridge, WHAT, yes thats right I went under the bridge, Why, good question. I did not answer. It was time to car hike out of the park and get ready for a snack. We took our time driving along the dusty road. I hated to leave. But a I knew another adventure was right around the corner.

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