Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip to Bodega Bay (Part 1 of 4)

My gig a low surprised me with a weekend trip to Bodega Bay. The plan was that on Saturday my gig a low and his best friend would go salmon fishing. I would hang out with my gig a low's best friend's two foodie sisters. Sounded like a great plan to me. My gig a low bought me a new set of tires for my car, because my old ones were going bald. YEY!

On Friday my gig a low came down with a serious case of something that resembled the flu. He insisted we go because he looked forward to hanging out with his best friend. Humm, something was telling me this was not going to be an ideal trip.

We didn't get out of the house tell after 2 pm. My gig a low was feeling weak and sick to his stomach. So I thought it would be best if I drive. We have a tradition to pray on the start of each trip. We pray that God watch over our doggies and our "stuff" and that God watch over us while we are away.

For some unknown reason the TOM TOM thought it would be fun to take us on a tour of Napa. Sears Point was having a big car racing weekend, so traffic was stop and go, stop and go. That was not good on my gig a low's stomach. We ended up going in this big circle around Napa. The TOM TOM was most likely laughing at us and saying should of used an old fashion paper map (can you here the devilish giggles of the TOM TOM). My gig a low started beating up the TOM TOM in his frustration. It made me laugh because my gig a low showed that stupid GPS who was boss! There is just something really funny about punishing inanimate objects.

The rolling hills and grape vines around Napa were as beautiful on Friday as they were that day I went on the treacherous Napa Valley bike ride. We drove past the bicycle resting place where I had prayed that God would just take me so I would not have to petal one more foot on my bike. This time I enjoyed the view from my car. Some how we managed to get out of the Napa area and we found ourselves in Petuluma. On to Lakeville road, next stop was Bodega Bay.

Driving down the two lane road past what I call "cheese cows" and farm land was pleasant. There were lamas, and bailed hay and grape vines. The fog was high and the weather was cool. Nice change. There was a car behind me, and a car in front. No one was speeding or driving like a crazy person, everyone and everything seemed calm.

A head of me I noticed a white car on the right waiting to pull out to go the opposite direction. The car in front of me pass the white car. I was driving a constant 45 mph. Just as I was getting ready to pass the white car, he decided he could make it, looked me square in the eyes and pulled out in front of me. I slammed on my breaks and turned my car to the rear of his car so I would not broadside him. My car started fishtailing. Jesus take the wheel cause this is going to be bad. My brand new tires were gripping the road as hard as they could, they started screaming. The guy in the white car gunned it and made it across the road, he spun out into the tall grass on the oncoming side. I regained control of my car and missed the ditch on my side. I looked in the rear view mirror and watched the guy drive out of the tall grass and go on his way. I started shaking. I must of missed him by an inch or less. I wanted to cry. We praised God that he saved the guy in the white car and us. My gig a low praise my driving skills, but I believe it was Gods intervention and new tires. A horrid car wreck was not in the plans for that day, at that time, for us.

When we arrived at The Bodega Bay Harbor Inn, I was still shaking.

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