Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oakland zoo

Today I went to a wedding at the Oakland zoo. You must be thinking the same thing I did. A wedding at the Oakland zoo?  The room and garden looked out on the bay. Yes indeed, It was a beautiful place for a wedding. I never heard even one animal squawk or smelled anything unusual. It did not take long to forget that you were at a zoo.

The bride met the groom on Craigslist.

It was a Mexican/Jewish wedding. They had a chupah to symbolize that the bride and groom are creating a home together and that it will always be open to guests. The bride and groom had a Mariachi band that played while guest were arriving. The Mariachi band sang that I-I-I-I song. The clergy was a woman who was all inclusive and believed that all paths lead to the same God. The groom did the breaking of the glass ceremony. In this wedding it was a symbol reminding us that life and marriage is fragile. We all said Mazel Tov!" A Christian man said a prayer. The brides brother read a poem. It was a multi-cultural and belief wedding. It was really alot of fun.

One of the guest was the prettiest man I have ever seen. I am not saying that in a mean spirited way. It was a fact. He had long blond hair in a lose bun. His skin was flawless. He had the perfect ski slope nose. His cheek bones were high. He was tall and willowy. The pretty man seemed like a delicate flower. I couldn't help but stare and wonder if he was a woman at one point in his life.

We all did that really fun circle dance. It was kind of greek like.

We were hoping for Mexican food, but it was traditional white people food. Chicken, salmon, rice, salad and a dinner roll.

The bride and groom looked lovely, very happy and a little overwhelmed. I wish them a long and joyful life together.  Here a 3 photos from the wedding.

A view of SF from the Snow ball room at the Oakland zoo

This is the Mariachi Band


A view from the Snow room at the Oakland zoo. This has a blimp in it.

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