Friday, August 13, 2010

New Names

I just downloaded the best of WAR. I am listening to the song "All Day Music." I love this song.
Yes, in my former life I was a low-rider. I still love low-riders. War reminds me of my low- riding days. Me and Baby Brother, used to run together... All my friends know the low- ride - er. The low rider drives a little slow-er. I can't type when I have this music on. Oh my favorite of all favorite war songs "summertime!" Rapping on the CB radio in the sand, its a big 10-4 to the trucking man, caus' it summer, summertime is here...

I am changing Sheryl's name to Dehlia. I am going to introduce a new name to you. Fuchsia. She is new to you, but not to me. It has taken me all this time to think up the right name for Fuchsia.

You know that French Bakery is like porn, or heroin. You get hooked in then your addicted. (Dehlia thought of the heroin analogy.) I had to take Fuchsia down to Wisteria to try it. Fuchsia loved it. She tried the yogurt. She got goosebumps. It was like a When Harry met Sally experience for her. I got the egg sandwich. It was good. We saw Dahlia there with one of her friends. Fuchsia and I had a good time catching up, because it had been awhile.

I thought I would by me and my gig a low a treat, so I got a goat cheese pear tart square for me and a chocolate ganache tart square for my gig a low. The goat cheese pear tart was scrumptious! The chocolate ganache packed a powerful punch of rich dark chocolate in each little tiny bite. Yes, I had to try some of my gig a lows treat.

Fuchsia wants to buy a bike. She wants a beach cruiser. So we stopped and looked at all the fancy beach cruisers in Wisteria. They had Hawaiian painted cruisers and poke- a- dots cruisers. Holy not a Schwinn batman, these bikes are $500.00 for a basic model. They had colored spokes and white wall tires. Really these bikes are works of art to be looked at. Not really for riding threw mud. Wisteria has their own beach cruiser club. We had a great time.

Guess where I ended up today, thats right the French bakery. Dehlia and I were suppose to go on a big exciting bike ride today. First it was the Golden Gate but the wind was to strong. So Dehlia and I made all these plans for plan B, but I was so groggy.  I decided just to bike around Wisteria. How anti-climatic.

The only thing that could change the same old bike ride through Wisteria, would be to stop at the French Bakery. So we rode our bikes and stopped at the French Bakery. I had an open faced tuna sandwich and a ice mocha. Dehlia had a egg dish. For dessert we shared this mini cupcake size chocolate decadent cake. It was moist and good, but not nearly as good as the ganache tart. So I have been to the French Bakery 3 times now in 7 days. I told you I was addicted. I need an intervention. I was on my bike so I couldn't take anything home, darn it. As always it is so fun to hang out with Dehlia. We rode our bikes 12 miles.

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