Sunday, August 15, 2010

Butt Up

Weird trivia: Do you know that mosquito larva swim with their butt up and their heads down? Thats right their butts are at the top of the water. 

Today I went out with friend A and friend B. I am not even going to make up fake names for them.  We had a great time tootling around Starboard. I really love Starboard. They had a little art show. It was cool and breezy because it is close to the water. I wish I lived in Starboard. Then we decided to go have a drink. So we left Starboard and went to Rolling Hills. We had a drink at Ozzys. We all had Arnold Palmers. (Ice tea and lemonade)

We had a great time talking. Friend A and Friend B kept saying to me, don't blog this or don't blog that. I said come on you guys give me something to write about. They gave me plenty but I promised I would not repeat what they said, until the way home. Somehow we got on the subject of hoarding. Friend B casually says to Friend A, your a hoarder. WHAT friend A said ( I was staying out of this one) Friend A said I am very neat, and hoarders are messy. Friend B said to friend A your a clean hoarder. Friend B says there is no such thing as a clean hoarder. Friend B said you collect this and you collect that. Friend A said I am a collector not a hoarder. Friend B said you have 5 of everything, your a hoarder. Then the truth came out. Friend A said NO I AM NOT LIKE MY MOTHER. I was very still and quiet hoping no one would notice me in the back seat. Friend B said no, your not like your mother, but your still a hoarder. Thankfully friend B and Friend A have been friends for a very long time. Friend B admitted she is a hoarder of sorts too. So I chimed in, me too. Much like friend A, I like to "collect" things like cookbooks.

The bible says it is better to get a wound from a friend then a kiss from an enemy. Amen.

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