Friday, August 27, 2010

Guess Who

Guess who drove down my street today? The Ice cream man, in his blue and white ice cream truck. I was in my car when I spotted him at the other end of the street. I have not seen an ice cream truck in my neighborhood in a very long time! I started waving my arm out the car window. I did not want the ice cream man to escape.  When he got close enough I double parked, jumped out of my car and ran over the the window of the ice cream truck. Do you have Choco Tacos? yes. I will take 3. I bought one for me, my gig a low and GG-GP.

Three Choco Tacos cost $7.50.  I didn't care. I was so happy! Me and my gig a low ate ours after dinner. Yummy!

Thank you God for Choco Tacos and the ice cream truck! What a treat!

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