Friday, August 6, 2010

The French Bakery

Today I had a most excellent day!

First thing this morning Sheryl and I went on a bike ride in Wisteria. We went almost 10 miles. We rode by rose gardens that smelled so sweet. There were red roses and white roses, pink, yellow and variegated roses. The roses were beautiful. We also rode under a long canopy of evergreen trees that shaded our path.

On the way back we stopped at this fabulous little French bakery, Sheryl says it is new in town. I had yogurt and fruit. It was French style yogurt. It almost had the consistency of cake frosting. I could tell by it's creamy rich flavor this was no cup of Dannon. They gave me a little cup of honey to mix in with it. The fruit included fresh cantaloupe, blueberry, and honeydew melon. Truly this yogurt was better then any man if you know what I mean?? OH YEAH BABY, that was good. I felt like I needed to smoke a cigarette when I was done eating the yogurt.  Sheryl had this extra large cup of coffee they serve in a small soup bowl. She had a roll of some fancy sort, that was delicious. I know because she gave me a taste! Really I wanted to stay there and try everything, but I had a lunch date with Jeremiah  and my sweet friend.

I was late meeting up with Jeremiah (I am dropping the "a" in her name) and my sweet friend. They forgave me. We had pizza. It was ok, but I was still thinking about the French pastry shop and how much I wanted to go back and take all my friends. My sweet friend is talking about getting a haircut. My advise is do not get a bob. Yes Jeremiah, it is called a bob. We had a great time catching up.

I came home and watched Mrs. F try out for American Idol down in the south. Me and my gig a low were glued to our computers because the local new station in the south had it on live streem. I made dinner during the breaks. We even ate dinner in front of the computer. Mrs. F looked so cute. She made it all the way to the top 10. I am very proud of her. It was very exciting.

Then me and my gig a low went to my dad's house so he could open his presents. Many people called to wish him a Happy Birthday. He played every last message for us to listen to. My dad seemed very happy.

We came home, now I am ready for bed.

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ChaChaneen said...

Wow, the top 10 for her auditions!!! That IS exciting!