Saturday, August 14, 2010

Greasest Hits

Yes, I am still listening to War. Have you seen that ad on TV for that top pop hits from the 60's from time life? I would like to get that.

I have got my gig a low hooked on the song The World Is a Vamper from the Smashing Pumpkins. He was singing the song at dinner the other night. He even head banged the other day when I played the song for him. It made me laugh. My gig a low is charming and funny sometimes.

Me and my sweet friend had coffee together this morning. Her two sons and their friend joined us. How kind of the kids to join us. Her oldest son is a newly wed. My sweet friend's youngest son is going to start college soon.

I remember when we all went to Disneyland. We left the guys at home and took the kids.  It was so fun. Mrs F. was 12?  How did they grow up that fast? It was also Jeremiah's first trip to Disneyland.  We all had a great time together.  Mrs. F.'s hide a way bed kept folding up with her inside.  I remember my sweet friends boys, Mrs. F, and JC all sitting on the curb of main street waiting for the electric parade to go by. They all had ice-cream cones and ice cream all over their faces. We had such a big group when we went to California Adventure we took up the whole roll of seats on the ride. Most of the time we got the front. It was like we were really flying over California. What a grand time us ladies had with our kids.

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