Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Because Malinda Told Me To

Here is a story that Malinda wanted me to tell you.

My co-workers and I went to the Hole In The Wall diner after we all got our jobs back. It was me, Malinda, Trippy Hippy, Power Mom, Lodi, and my x Mormon friend.

We got a table and order coffee. A few of my friends ate brunch. We were whooping it up, laughing and carrying on. This old man who was sitting behind us said he wished he was in our group. He said he enjoyed hearing the laughter. Really we were making a ruckus. We told the old man he could come and sit with us, but he declined.

Mrs. Wall was our waitress. She came up to our table and said I am in big trouble, we said why? Mrs. Wall said you see that couple over by the window? She said to the young man at the table, It is so nice of you to bring your mom to our little restaurant. The young man said to Mrs. Wall, that is not my mother that is my girlfriend. OOPS. We almost broke our necks trying to look and see the couple.

We all ordered a second round of coffee. When we got the bill we were shocked to see we were charged for the second cup of coffee. We called Mrs. Wall to the table, we told her we thought the second round of coffee was free. She said just like Mr. Wall, he always thinks he is going to get sex. It is not always true. She took the bill and only charged us with the first round of coffee. (did I get this part right Malinda?)

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