Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It was a Cold and Stomry night

Not really..hehe. It was a spring afternoon when my gig a low decided to trim the colossal Mulberry tree in the back yard. I said shouldn't we get a professional out here to trim the tree? Not a chance, After my gig a low fell out of the tree twice with a chin saw he realized I was right. So he called the professional. A guy from our church. Had he ever cut trees before? yes. Was he a professional.... anyway the guy for our church worked hard and trimmed the very large tree.  We were pleased  with the results.

Later that night I was in the bedroom, I see the guy who lives behind us on a latter looking over our fence. He starts yelling HAY ANY ONE OVER THERE - HELP HELP HELP. So I run and get my gig a low. The minute the man who lives behind us saw my gig a low, he  started going nuts. He started screaming about his cactus. His cactus must be 8 feet tall. One of the branches that came off the tree hit his cactus and knocked off a little part the he eats. My gig a low apologized. By now other neighbors are congregating in their back yards to see what all the commotion is about. We will go to Safeway and buy you some cactus to eat, (I have seen it there.) No way, he only wanted his cactus. So I guess an offer and compromise was not enough, the guy kept screaming. I am thinking my gig a low is going to blow his top. He managed to remain calm. The guy who lives behind us started yelling about the fence. You didn't help me pay he said. What, we didn't even live here when you replaced the fence. Anyways my gig a low finally got fed up with trying to reason with the guy behind who lives us and said, Ok, sue us, and my gig a low stomped into the house.

We has stopped thinking about it until the other night at 9:30 when the door bell rang.

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