Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden and Abalone ?

My cherry tomatoes are setting already! I must have at least 10 green cherry tomatoes right now! I planted artichokes and a lemon cucumber. I started some mammoth sunflowers and green bush cucumbers. The grape vines are reaching out their long arms hooking on to anything in their reach. The ferns are starting to perk up with the warm weather, The jasmine is blooming and it smells really sweet in the evening. The bees were busy in buzzing around our lavender bush today. Our little frog is back making big noises! I think he is living in or near my spider plant.

The birdies love the bird bath. I cleaned it today. It is a very popular hang out. I have been thinking about making a bird bath cam!  The birds are fun to watch splashing around.

It is suppose to be hot this weekend - ugh.

I have been craving abalone! To bad I don't know any divers anymore. Getting fresh abalone right out of the ocean is SO GOOD. In the old days we would go camping, the guys would dive and get the abalone. The women would pound it and flatten it, then the guys would cook it over the open fire! It would be a feast! How did I get on that subject? I must be hungry!

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KARNA said...

i just have little yellow blooms and cant wait for the tomatoes..i have two a regular size tomato and the other the little ones which I love! now you have made me want abalone but I am in the same one I know does that anymore! Have you ever had the opportunity to eat escolar? It is reminiscent of abalone..yumo!