Friday, June 25, 2010

I forgot 2 things

1. I went to the Olive Garden with my friends at our new church. Food 1 1/2 out of 5. Service 1. BLAH. Me and my gig a low's dinner still cost $50.00. That is ridiculous for a glorified Denny's. 

The group seems to have forgiven my outburst and all is well. I really like the leader of our group. I would love to sit for hours and just talk about God and life with him and his lovely bride. He is a man of grace. His wife is a pastor too. They are both filled with wisdom.

2. I am trying to teach my doggies to read. Sit, Lay, Turn (around.) My girl doggie is a sight hound so no doubt she will get it. I could tell she was trying to read it when I showed the paper to her. She looked at the paper with black sharpie words, she looked at me kind of puzzled. She must of been thinking what are you doing? Why are you holding up that paper? Do I get a treat if I look at the paper? The boy doggie, well, he was looking under the paper and over the paper just trying to figure out where the heck that treat was.


KARNA said...

Precisely, $50 for a bland, not true Italian meal! I'm so glad you have these pastors in your life! And they will be blessed back with you :)

KARNA said...

oh and would you mind becoming a follower on my blog..i only have 8 and i dont know most of them LOL...the area to follow is at the bottom of the blog page. ty

kayakerswife said...

Only a dog lover thinks like that. And it takes one to know one.