Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Olive

Earlier this week, Cinderella and I took a drive along the delta were the farm country is. It was hot, windy and dusty. Our main objective was to go olive oil tasting.  Cinderella set it all up. We were going to the olive growers house. The Olive growers said you have to drive along this dirt road and their house was under a big American flag. Ok, everywhere we turned there was dirt roads with houses that had big American flags. I am thankful for modern technology, our cell phone. The olive lady was at the control tower leading us in for a perfect landing.

Mrs Olive lead us into their beautiful home. Their kitchen was bleach white. We sat on bar stools, at the white stone bar, separating us from the kitchen. Mrs. Olive had her green apron on with their olive oil logo on it. It became obvious that Mrs. Olive was the brains behind the operation.

Cinderella and I quickly explained to Mr & Mrs Olive that we did not know proper olive oil tasting etiquette,  Mrs. Olive said there are 2 ways you can taste olive oil. The first way was like wine tasting. You smell the oil, sip the oil, swish it around in your mouth, then take a deep breath to make the flavors come alive. Or you can dip your bread in it.  Mrs Olive gave Cinderella and I both little white bowls of sour dough bread chunks.

The first oil Mrs Olive brought out was extra virgin olive oil. She poured the oil into little cups. I decided to be brave and take a swig. Hum, not to bad. So I thought I had better try it again with the bread. Mrs. Olive has her presentation down to a science. Going over the daily operation of the olive oil business and demonstrating her product. Mr. Olive was comic relief.

The next oil was garlic olive oil. Mrs. Olive said their garlic olive oil is NOT infused. They use the whole clove and squeeze into the oil then filter it. I pick up the new little white cup and said cheers, took a sip, deep breath WOW the garlic was so good. Drinking this stuff would definitely keep the vampires away.  So I thought I would make sure I liked it and tried it with the bread, it was even better with the bread.

Mrs Olive was talking about all the health benefits of olive oil while she handed us our next taste. Garlic Basil olive oil. Mrs Olive said this one had a peppery taste. I politely sipped my Garlic Basil olive oil. I did not taste the pepper. Mrs Olive said take another sip and take a deep breath. I did. It was like my taste buds on the back of my tongue illuminated with pepper. That was fun. I wanted to try it again. So I did. Then I dipped bread chunks into the oil. Mrs Olive was telling us her recipes for her oils.

Next came the vinegar. Mr Olive makes the red wine vinegar himself. This first one was called "Cabernet Savignon Red Wine Vinegar". Mr. Olive was telling us that drinking red wine vinegar relieves muscle cramps or cramp cramps, also said it helps acid reflux and indigestion.

He knows that because he has a stand at the farmers market at Kaiser Hospital. A doctor stopped by to say he was a cross country runner. He carries red wine vinegar to stop his legs from cramping. The doctor carries the vinegar in a 2 oz flask. He bought their vinegar and has been a customer ever since. The doctor told Mr and Mrs olive that red wine vinegar triggers the metabolic something or other to stop the cramps.

I couldn't wait to try it. Cinderella and I took a sip it was like being punched with sour.  Cinderella started coughing. That vinegar would clear anything that ales you I am sure of it. Holy pungent batman, that stuff is strong. Me being the person I am, had to go for a second round of sip and dip while Cinderella was still coughing. I liked it.

Next came the balsamic vinegar. Mr. Olive said they went to Italy to get someone to make it for them. It took a long time to convince the Italians to agree, but they did it. The first was regular balsamic vinegar. It was very good. I make a great steak marinade with balsamic vinegar. It was aged 15 years. Next was the dessert balsamic vinegar. Mrs. Olive poured some over fresh strawberry's for us to try. I liked it and started dreaming of all the desserts and salad dressing I could make with it. It was aged 25 years.

Mr and Mrs Olive also had tapenade style olives chopped up and put in a jar. YUCK. it must of been the capers in it. They have black and green tapenade. She served it with bread sticks. It didn't matter. I did not like it. Cinderella seemed to like them both.

They also sell stuffed green olives stuffed with
  • garlic
  • blue cheese
  • jalapeƱo
  • habanero
  • anchovy 
On the way out Mrs. Olive gave us a tour of her trees. It is going to be a good harvest this year she thinks. The trees where loaded with little baby green olives. I hope I can go back someday. It was really fun. Thank you for setting up this dining adventure Cinderella!


ChaChaneen said...

WHAT A FUN DAY!!! I use olive oil all the time too. Your adventure makes me want to go!

ChaChaneen said...

By the way... lurve your attention to DETAILS!