Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Pet Peeve #527

Some people believe that you MUST be a republican to be a Christian. That is hogwash.. News flash Jesus was neither a republican or a democrat or tea party person. It drives me crazy when Christians bash any president in a group / public setting.

What you and your husband/ dog / or loved one, talk about over the dinner table is your own business. Don't bring politics to church.

My understanding is that as Christians we are suppose to bring people together, not separate them further. Division is from THE DEVIL last time I checked.

Ticker tape ... There are republicans AND democrats that do not know the love of God.

We are called to pray for our leaders, not to complain about them. So what if the president said "ass." If that is all you have to bash a president about you don't have a life. I can bet Obama ( how do you spell Obama?)  is not the first president to say it.

After the comment above I let everyone know how I felt and politics and Christianity tonight at bible study. I was not popular at my new Church a-gain.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Frankly...i'm glad he wants to find the correct "ass" to kick...!!!


Mountain Momma said...

On Facebook I was APPALED at a "cut and paste into your status" about praying for the death of President Obama. What upset me is that a lot of anti-Obama people re-posted it without realizing that it was an actual group on FB, wishing death on the man! He is a husband and a father. He is a human being. To pray for ANYONE'S death is a HUGE sin. I was ESPECIALLY upset that one of our Pastor's sons reposted it, and boy, did I tell him! I asked him if his dislike of the President's politics so over powers his Christian morals. He says "of course not". I said "then it was pure ignorance on your part to repost hatred and a death wish, especially a PRAYER for death?". People just don't think.