Monday, July 5, 2010

12 mile Bike Ride

So I didn't tell you in detail about my 12 mile bike ride. Sheryl and I went.

Helpful hint #1. Don't go on a 12 mile bike ride the day after you get a tetanus shot. My arm hurt every time I went over a bump. The trail was bumpy.  My body ached and I was getting cold chills even though it was almost 90' outside.

The trail was beautiful.  It goes from Lafayette to Moraga. The trail winds up and down the rolling hills, around cobble stone houses, and pine trees. You go past St. Mary's College.

I didn't see the college because I was focused on muscle pain and chills. I was riding very slow and Sheryl had to keep backtracking. She is a trooper for putting up with my slowness.  At one point I had to get off my bike and walk it up a hill. This time I remembered to breath and drink water so I didn't get dizzy.

When we arrived in Morgra Sheryl treated me to a brunch at this old red barn place. It was fun. We sat  at a picnic table under an apple tree with our bikes and had a delicious breakfast. I didn't want to eat to much salt because I was worried that I would swell up and not make it back to Lafayette. The protein in the eggs and Sheryl's good company encouraged me to get back on my bike and go back to Lafayette. 

Little did I know that we climbed up hill all the way to Moraga. It was a gradual incline all the way there. On the way back it was all down hill, YEPPIE that was fun! I had the wind in my face and I was going as fast as I could.  I was living life on the wild side now! I loved it, cold chills and all. We had to slow down to let a mama deer and her baby pass over the trail. Periodically, we would have to come to a complete stop when the trail and a road with cars intercepted.

Before I got home my dad called and said he wanted to go to Walmart.  I was so exhausted, but ok what am I going to do? I could barely walk- everything hurt.

When I got home I took a hot bath, a handful of Advil and crawled into bed. I can't wait to do it again!

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KARNA said...

Isn't that a beautiful area. I grew up in Moraga and am very familiar with the Moraga Barn (red). My youth was spent (high school years) going over to St Mary's college which was an all boys college at the time and getting new boyfirends LOL....I was 11 when we moved there from Oakland. Down by the moraga barn back a ways there was a four room school house...i was in the 8th grade, only four of us!!! also in that room were the 5th, 6th, 7th graders I was soooooooooo mad at my folks for moving us to the boy rode a horse to school from my class. Fortunately I got to head over to orinda to miramonte high school where tehre were 200 of us freshmen..whew!!!! lol But Moraga was a wonderful place to grow up. I even sorted pears one summer under the hot sun (well there was a tarp above us) for 50 cents an hour HAHAHA when I was 13 or 14.