Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last Night - Yes its true.

Me and my gig a low were watching The Fantastic Seven. My dad had called to let us know it was on PBS. My gig a low was very excised to name 5 out of the 7 actors. I was kind of board thinking about what do I have to blog about today?
  1. Me and my dad went to the farmers market
  2. We bought corn that is yellow and white.
  3. The doggies had a reading lesson with the word SIT.
pretty boring stuff. Just about that time the doorbell rang. I looked at the clock, 9:30 pm. The first thing I think of is a home innovation robber trying to get us to open the door. My second thought it a door to door solicitor. It is to late for that. My gig a low answered the door. I hear him talking in a calm manor. If it was a solicitor he would be yelling for them to get off our property. No yelling.  I hear another mans voice. So I have to get up to investigate.

It's dark out side because our porch light is not working. So I pop my head out the screen door to see who my gig a low is talking to. Standing on the other side of my gig a low is a cop. WHAT!!!!!

So of course I have to interrupt and say what in the world is going on here. The cop says in a matter of fact tone that our neighborer behind our house called the cops. The man asked the cop to come around the corner and ask us if we had been egging his house. Are you joking? I said. No ma'am, the cop says. Why would we want to egg his house, that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard I tell the cop. I guess you have nothing better to do to check and see if middle - aged adults are egging peoples houses. The cop says I can see you two are really not the type of people that would do something like that. I say still in shock, all we want is peace with the neighbors. You can tell him that. The cop says sure, no problem. So I invite the cop in for some coffee and a donut. (just kidding) But I did invite him in to look at our eggs, to see if they matched the description of the eggs on the house of the jerk who lives behind us. The cop said that would not be necessary. He flashed his flash light around our yard and said he liked it. I told him he was welcome to come back during the day to take a look at our yard and have dinner with us. He appreciated the invitation but he had to go back and talk to the guy who lives behind us.

There is a story behind all this so I will write it later on today or tomorrow.


KARNA said...

can't wait to hear the rest of the story! However, Missy,,,,,now i know who came over here and egged my CAR!!!! There are still little chips of eggshell stuck to it!!! Calling the cops! Boy when they put two and two together...hahah I am having a hard time visualizing you gigalow doing this...NOT YOU though! HAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH

KARNA said...

taht should be YOUR gigalow! (i want to see your eggs!)