Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shopping for the Dogs Update

So I called the health department, they said they could not do anything about the dogs at Nordstrom's.

My next step was I called Nordstrom's and talked to the store manager. I explained how appalled I was with all the doggies running around in the store and defalcating.  The store manager said that Nordstrom was a dog friendly store, and he was aware that a limited number of dogs have an "occasional accident." But they were not going to change the dog friendly store policy.

I was telling people at work about the dogs at Nordstrom's and this Sub says I take my dog to Nordstrom's.  She said she had been kick out of other stores for bringing the dog in, not at Nordstrom's.  I told her she needed to leave her dog at home. Her dog does not belong at the store. Then the sub went on to call me a dog hater. In my opinion dog hater has nothing to do with the fact that dogs are pooping, leaving hair and fleas at a clothing store.  Dear Sub - that is a bad argument. I can still love dogs and think they do not belong at department stores.


Mountain Momma said...

Part of loving an animal is knowing where it is and is not appropriate to have them. Dog park, yes. Clothing store, no. Ok, next time we're there, I"m bringing Titan & Hugo, and we're taking all 4 of our big dogs in there. If pipsqueek dogs are allowed, they cannot discriminate! See how that rolls!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I could loan you Max and Mia.....they have very few "store or shopping" manners and would be looking for chipmunks everywhere!!!


KARNA said...

get a pet duck and go in with it ona leash...down in Laguna Beach many people walk around with pet ducks like that. As for me, kinda glad I do not shop at Nordstrom cuz I would not like to see dogs around me there.