Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JAWS and Shark Fin Soup

Yesterday was an interesting day. I went to a new restaurant called "Fins" I don't really like that name, because I think of shark fin soup. The waitress said "I love shark fin soup." I don't know if I will ever go back. The fishermen catch the shark, cut off it's fins for the soup and throw the shark back in the water. It bleeds and drowns.

I am a big fan of sharks. Where I live Great White Sharks (GWS) are close by. They are amazing hunting machines. People have the wrong idea about GWS. People think they want to eat humans. That is not true at all. They want to taste you, and if you do not taste like seal, they will spit you out. Of corse in the process you have incurred some major damage. I don't understand why people want to swim or surf where the sharks are anyways? Around here it is mostly surfers who get bite. I have seen people swimming with the seals. Maybe the swimmers think they are "one with the seals." Maybe they think the GWS won't make a mistake a try a taste of them? I don't know. Bull sharks will eat you. So will Tiger sharks. Not GWS.

If a Bull shark gets ahold of you, it will do that shaky, shaky thing while your in their mouth. They will rip you to shreds. Then your dinner. Bull sharks are kind of cool because of the way the hold their fins sometimes. Have you ever seen those old western movies where the the bad guys and the good guys are getting ready to have a gunfight on main street? You know how the cowboys hold their arms when they are getting ready to grab their guns and shoot? That is how a bull shark hold his fins. Like he is going to grab his gun and shoot.

Once time a long long time ago, my x boyfriend said to me "your about as predictable as a GWS." I took that as a complement. I have been trying to live up to that ever since. All the same I don't want to eat shark fin soup.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Just read your post about Earthquake Food...sound very similar to Hurricane Food....now in the mountains we need Snow Food!! Love the post about sharks....in FL we had lots of nurse sharks.....no sharks in the mountains...just bears!!


KARNA said...

have you been watching the series on the sharks? my brother kevin is loving it!

Mountain Momma said...

Auntie, you crack me up!