Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dad Update 9/2

Dad had Chemo today, but I was at work. My sister took him. So I went over this evening. Dad had a bible story to tell me this time.

Side note-Pastor went over to his house a couple of weeks ago and gave him "The purpose Driven Life" on cd's to listen to.

Dad told me tonight what he has gotten out of listening to the cd's :
1. God likes it when we pray
2. First came Adam and Eve, then Noah then Jesus.

I told him Jesus came a long time after Noah but I am very proud of him all the same! It made me so happy. I still am.

Dad is losing to much weight. He is way to skinny now. He is starting to look frail.

I hate my dad's computer with a passion. Tonight my dad wanted a lesson on the internet, so he pulled up a chair next to me in front of his old computer. It would not sign on. I think my dad has a motive why he wanted to learn about the internet. She lives in Idaho. That's all I am going to say. Ok, I will say something else, I told my dad, I bet you want to get on the internet to see if your friend from Idaho is online. Oh no, he just had a sudden interest in the world wide web. I was very disappointed that we could not sign on.

I have had family members tell me, Dad will never want to learn how to use the internet. So they don't care if it does not work right. It SEEMS LIKE (I have no proof) that they think he is wasting his money. Tonight he wanted to learn, but could not.

I will sleep a little better tonight knowing my dad is gaining a better understand of the bible.


ChaChaneen said...

Sweet post my friend. Hmmm, we got to get that Internet working for him!

KARNA said...

oh my goodness i should read your blog every day! since i follow it shouldn't i get an email telling me you wrote something? other people's blogs do that.
hmmm is he still without the internet? LOL