Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Woman with an Opinion

I had an enjoyable day today hanging out with my friend Sheryl. We talked religion, ( She is a Buddhist and I am a Christian) politics and all the things your not suppose to talk about. We talked about how our society still does not appreciate a woman with strong opinions. We both have strong opinions. We agree that boring women never make the history books. We went swimming. She took me out to a fabulous lunch at Chow's. We went to a quilt store and I met a fabric designer and a quilt book writer. They are all Sheryl's friends. At the quilt store a lady showed me the "easy" way to do flying geese. That is a quilt block for my non quilting friends. Sheryl is a master quilter. She makes the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. She sews love into them.

Sheryl is a fashion coach. She helps you bring your inner beauty out. If you don't feel beautiful when she is done with you, you will! She suggest styles that suit you, and tells you what colors to have in your wardrobe, she picks stuff out of your closet but will not throw them away like that TV show. She even goes shopping with you to help you pick out that perfect outfit customized to your need. Job interview, date, dress to impress - whatever you want. Her business is growing. I am happy for her.

If I had to pick out one word to describe Sheryl it would be transformation. I know it sounds kind of new ageie, but that is not what I mean. She help me transform from non-student, to student. She has transformed herself, growing and changing. She will help you transform your wardrobe, so you will look and feel your best.

Sheryl is a warm, kind and generous person. She is also a Ninja warrior that will help you get dragon breath if you are scared about something you don't have to feel scared anymore. You can see why I think Sheryl SO FUN. She says she "is like coconut, either you like her or you don't." I bet you can guess I like coconut.

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KARNA said...

i wish i lived nearby to hang with Sheryl!