Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Day - That's right its all about me!

I had a good day today! I am making a new quilt. You know when you have an idea of what something your making is suppose to look like. I could not find it. I went to 3 different fabric stores.. and spent about $20.00 in gas. I found a good piece of fabric to use. FINALLY.

Then I went to the library to pick up a learn how to speak a new language cd. I choose Eastern Arabic. I forgot that I can't even speak or write english correctly, why would I be able to speak Eastern Arabic. This has upset my husband to no end. He cannot understand why I would want to speak Arabic. I informed him it is the 5th most used language in the world. Maybe some day I will go to Dubai and stay on one of those islands the king made. My husband wants no part of the middle east, Dubai or not. I told him the king made a nice coral reef to snorkel around. This infuriated him. My husband says I should learn spanish. It seems to be the common language around this area. No, I am not going to. I don't want to be like everyone else. That is boring.

I stopped by and said Hi to my dad. He seemed to be doing well today. My sister was there.
So I did not feel like I had to stay for a long time. I talk to him on the phone every day, even if I have been over to his house.

This evening my husband and I repotted plants and moved things around. It looks good. It is green, lush and calm when you walk to our front door. To bad it is not calm once you are in the house.

Some friends from church stopped by. I was thankful. It is good to see friends from church. My husband says he is golng to church tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

I ate some pomegranate ice cream. It was SOOO good! I love pomegranate anything. I am not one of these fair weathered pomegranate fans. My love for pomegranate started when I was young. Me and my best friend used to eat pomegranates and spit out the seeds in Jane's front yard. It was so much fun.

Speaking of Jane. I refer to Jane as my other mother or my foster mother. I talked to her tonight. Sis and J (foster sisters) got out of the hospital. They both have been very sick. HI SIS. I am glad your on the road to recovery. You have always been a pepsi fan for as long as I can remember. (random thought I know) I also spoke to my "foster sister" J she is on the mend. I love my other family. They have always been so good to me.

I can hear the wind chimes we put up by my office window. The cool sea breeze is kicking in. That means I will sleep good tonight.


Mountain Momma said...

Sometimes it's fun to just learn something random!
Do you remember the pomegranate tree we had in our yard in Sunnyvale? Rich & I are going to try to grow some along the fence line up here. I miss REAL FRESH pomegranates!
I remember Jane &'s been EONS since I've seen them!
You are more than entitled to a break! I'm glad you've started a new quilt! I may have a special request for one!

KARNA said...

You have no idea how much i laugh at your humor in these blogs of yours, Kristi!!! I love that pomegranate ice cream with chocolate on it (like a ice cream bar) YUMO...i like pomogranats a lot..i'd drink pomogranate juice every day if I coudl afford it. yumo!!!
Do you watch SURVIVOR? They were in Dubai last week skiing in some inside place ..was amazing...but you can learn that language ..i was going to learn italian but haven't yet..actually i bought the tapes and then sold them on ebay when i was moving and getting rid of things. i love you kristi