Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shipper and random thoughts

Mr F. is leaving for boot camp next Tuesday. The military calls people who are shipping out, no matter where they are going "shippers" I am not sure how I feel bout Mr. F being a shipper. I am proud of him and scared for him.
Mrs. F. is already feeling lonely, even though he is not a shipper yet. I volunteer to take Mrs. F to the shipping station so she does not have to drive and be upset. Oh young love.
It seems to me having a husband in the military is not such a bad thing. It gives the wife alot of freedom.
When your young you do not want your freedom. You want to live and breath for the other person. Like the book twilight. That book was so sicken sappy. I have to admit I once was like that. The desperate feeling of loneness when your boyfriend is away.
Have you even seen two married people try to control each other over their cell phone? They call each other every hour. That is sickening to me too.
I once was taking to a lady at safely, she said her boyfriend bought her a pack of cigarets for her birthday. Yeah, he is a keeper! I bet they were on the phone with each other all the time.

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Lila said...

Ha-ha! That's hilarious, "Yeah, he's a keeper!" It's so fun being inside your head, KCP.