Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hospital BS.

First I want to say Hi to Mama Jane. My new friend. (Really she is my other mother I keep talking about) Thanks for being my friend and a great influence on my life.

Back to the hospital.

Bill (my dad's roommate) was really pissed on Monday. He says to me, you won't believe what happened last night. I said tell me Bill, what happened. He says first of all this place is so noisy you cant sleep. He said is Sherman out there? I said Sherman who? He said Sherman and his tanks. My dad and Bill keep the door to the room shut because it is so noisy. Then he launched into his major complaint. Bill says:

Last night a nurse comes in the middle of the night, me and your dad were trying to sleep. The nurse slams the door open and starts banging on the computer. I tell her, can't you see we're trying to sleep.
The nurse replies you don't come to hospital to sleep, you come here to take test. This is not a hotel.
Bill says I need some sleep I am having surgery in the morning.
The nurse says if you need sleep, go home.
Bill says I have been a car sales men all my life, you don't treat your costumers like that.
The nurse says if you don't like me you can go home.
Bill says I don't have to take this from you. The nurse walks out.

Bill is telling everyone, and everyone tells him they will get a supervisor for him to talk to. Bill goes to surgery without talking to a superior. The ironic thing is the hospital has posters all over it saying "quiet heals." I will be a witness there is no such thing as quiet in a hospital. The nurses at the stations are loud other hospital staff walking with their friends including the lab and housekeeping staff and visitors all talking. Phones ringing. Then you have the machinery beeping and honking. They buff the floors at all hours of the day and night. Patients welling, crying or snoring. You have people yelling for the nurse. I think the hospital needs to take a closer look at their posters.
I keep telling my dad he needs to give me one of the surveys they give him all the time. Let me fill it out. He won't.

So on Sunday the nurses tell me, the HBS (what ever the Doctor) should be in first thing in the morning. So I go on Monday at 9:00 am hoping they are going to let dad out. the nurse Carousal is nice. She wheres her highlighter yellow belt so we won't talk to her when she is passing med. Carousal says at 10:00 am the doctor should be in anytime. 12 noon I ask Carousal where is the Doctor. She tries to call her. To make a long story short, the HBS shows up at 3pm. I am really mad. They tell me they are busy. Are you kidding me? I don't have a life. They are god? I have a solution for these very wise people who make decisions at the hospital. They need to divide the "HBS" doctors up just like down in the ER. The Red Doctors only do admitting. The yellow doctors do the checking on people to see the progress or lack of progress, the green doctors do the discharges. SIMPLE. One HBS to do all things is not working. Or why don't they give you a window of time like contractors? The HBS will be here between 9am and 12:00 pm. Or they can hire MORE HBS's . They have it right when they say H-BS. Friday (saturday) we waited for the HBS for what 9 hours, on monday I waited for 6 hours. That is ridiculous. So we where out of the hospital by 4:3oish. Thank God.

I hope Bill did ok with his surgery.

Dad is going to Chemo today. My sister is taking him. I am so thankful.

I get to go to a movie with my dear friend today. YEPPIE!

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