Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today's update 8/9

Dad looked so much better today! They are pumping him full of antibiotics. He has a funny roommate named Bill. Bill is 76 years old.

Bill likes to belly dance and gave me a little demonstration in his hospital gown. I did not tell him I used to belly dance. Bill does not care if his skivvies are showing when he walks down the hall because the gown is to small to go around him. He wears Joe boxers. Can't miss them, he weights almost 300 pounds. He says that is 128 kilos. He likes that better. He also told dad and I about his prostate problems today. He says he has to sit down when he pees, otherwise it goes all over the place. Thankfully the nurse walked in, and he forgot what he was talking about.

I saw one of our favorite nurses today. Her name is Ragina. She is fun. None of the nurses on the blue side of the hospital wear their highlighter yellow belt. If they have their belt on you are NOT suppose to talk to them. Regina cut up her highlighter yellow belt and sewed it on a jacket so when she walks the dog at night, people will see her.
I am not fond of the staff on the blue side of the hospital. They have the personalties of mud. On the tan side of the hospital at least they had of personally, like them or not. Regina is a floater so she works all over the hospital.

This will speak volumes. We know the ER staff now by first name. There is Mary Jay aka The Rebel nurse, Erin a soft spoken kind man RN, Steve who is a super friendly omelet loving EMT. Dr. Handsom, Dr. Jerk and Dr. Stinekind. Maybe Dr. Jerk only works on the red side. He likes broken bones and things that are not related to diabetes. He let us know that. Anyways, enough of hospital talk.

My husband and I moved the birdbath, planted a palm tree and a coleus after dinner. Right now at 10:00 pm it is 82 degrees in the house and 77 degrees outside. Ug. To hot. Maybe I should go outside to sleep tonight.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Glad to hear your Dad is doing better....Aren't hospitals fun??!! Ugh!!!

Enjoy ..... LindaMay