Saturday, August 8, 2009

8 Yellow

Last night at around 7 pm I got a call from my dad. He said he had a temperature. Well when your on Chemo and have a temperature, if its after hours and / or a weekend you have to go to the Emergency Room. So off we went. We arrived at Kaiser and put into a room by 7:30 pm.

This if the first time at the ER we have been put in the "yellow" section. Yellow room 8 to be exact. It seems like it is 1 step down from The red section. I have to say yellow is boring. Red is were all the excitement is. If you are on red your critical. So people are coming in from car crashes, having strokes, and dyeing.
On yellow, it seemed to be more geriatric. The lady next to us broke her hip. She cried and was angry they did not help her and attend to her all the time.
The yellow ER doctor told the nurses not to use the port. He thought it was infected. Around 10 they got blood samples. Of corse they could not find any vain in my Dad's arm for an IV. They poked him 3 times before they gave up. Around 1 am they got the IVs going with antibiotics.
The staff keep telling us a "HBS" Home Based Specialist - The doctor who is in the hospital at all times who has the power to admit a patient. They keep saying that he would be coming in at any time. At 4 am I fell asleep unwilling for about 1 hour. The HBS showed up around 9 am.
They told dad he was going to be admitted. They got dad up into a room and settled in by 11:00 am. They told him he has an infection in both legs. I got home around 1:00 pm. I am very tired. I can't even imagine how dad must feel.

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