Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cookbooks for Dad

My dad has been very stressed. The Dr. told my dad that he is going to remove his pancreas, gallbladder, part of his small intestine, part of his stomach and maybe his spleen. My dad was ok with that. But when the Dr. said to my dad your going to have diabetes, he got very upset. Why was he upset? Because he will have to test his blood 3 times a day-no, he will have to have insulin-shots and he will have to be around needles-no. The problem is the diet.

Our family loves to eat. Food is what we look forward to everyday. If we are happy we eat, if we are depressed we eat. Our family loves to eat food together, shareing a meal makes us feel complete. I know what all the experts say, that you only eat when your hungry. Do not make food the focal point of your life. For me, my dad and our family it is to late. We love to give food gifts and we love it when other people give us food gifts, we love to eat out, we love picnics, we love eating breakfast at dinner time. Some how the love of food is genetically programed into everyone in our family.

When I was about 6 years old, the Dr. found out I was allergic to milk. They told my mother I could never have milk again. Even at 6 I was very distraught. I could not imagine a life without milk. So I know what my dad is going through. He is thinking why should I live if I can't eat. My dad expessley likes to eat out
#1. Buffets
#2 Panda Express
#3 KFC.

I knew I had to do something quick. Yesterday I went to the book store. I found a book from the American Diabetic Association about how to eat at fast food restaurants with Diabetes. It had the carb and starch breakdown for all the fast food places including Panda Express and KFC. I knew then this book was actually from God. This was going to make my dad have a purpose to live. I also found two "Fix it and Forget it" cookbooks for my dad. "Fix it and Forget it Crock Pot for diabetics" and the other "Fix it and Forget it stove top for diabetics.". I knew my dad would love these books.

I was right. My dad loved the books. The first thing he looked up was the nutritional value for Panda Express, KFC and Taco Bell. Next he started looking at the recipes in the crock pot cookbook. He was impressed with all the soup recipes. (He loves soup) The recipes in the Fix it cookbooks are down home comfort food type. I could see he was getting the idea he will not have to just eat tofu.

I know that the surgery and the recovery is going to be rough on Dad, I know that his idea of food will change from being sick. But for now he has hope.

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