Tuesday, May 5, 2009


After 5 years, I finely get to graduate from a local 2 year college. During those 5 years I have had two major surgeries, contended with dyslexia, had to go to work, and take care of my loved ones at home. I received a letter the other day stating I get to graduate with honors. I will get a medallion to where with my cap and gown. On May 22 I will walk at the commencement ceremony with the class of 2009!

I could not of done it without the support from my family and friends especially my husband, my dad, my sister in law, my dear friend, my sweet friend, all the people at Project Second Chance over the years, people at my jobsite who helped me and encouraged me, and the Orinda Woman's Club. There were some very special people who tutored me like Elaine, Sheryl and Ken. I must say that was not an easy job. They stuck it out with me, never letting me give up. I also had some very encouraging teachers. Professor Malinda and English Professor Nancy.

My favorite classes were:
1. English ( I know you must be thinking, but she still cannot spell or write a proper sentence. That is true, when you have dyslexia there is just some things you have to live with)
2. Oceanography
3. Induction to Special Education
4. Health and Nutrition for the young child
5. Sign Language
6. Golf
7. Dance with the crazy drunk teacher.

Before my dad's diagnosis I had plans for a big party. Now I really don't feel like having a party. My friends and close family keep telling me I should have the party. I guess it all depends on my dad's surgery date now.

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