Saturday, May 2, 2009


My dad is so funny. He loves Buffets. He always has. I am including Panda Express and any cafeteria type restaurant where you get a tray and pick food items from the behind glass.

The Dr. told my dad to "eat anything you want between now and the surgery." Well my dad has taken him up on that offer. Last week we went to Panda Express and a few days later a large chinese buffet. Tonight he wanted to take us to Home Town Buffet. Ewww!! YUCK. My dad had two plates full of desserts. He was just as happy as can be. All I ate tonight was a salad & dessert The lettuce was soggy, the chocolate cake was dry and crumbly, and the lemon bars has a jello like consistency. I didn't say anything because my dad seemed to be enjoying himself. Much to my surprise my dad said the "shrimp was hard and chewy and the cinnamon rolls must of set out all day"

I just talked to my sister in law and she said my dad seemed very happy. I know he had a good day.

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heatherlou1069 said...

I've noticed that about grandpa; he'll quietly do what he's doing and later he'll give his opinion!
Mmmm, I love Panda....want Orange Chicken NOW!