Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Jane on Mother’s Day.

There are some people on this earth who should never be a mother and some people who should be everyones mom. I would nominate Jane to be everyones mom. Jane just knows how to love kids. She knows how to make them feel like they are special and that every child has value.

I was so lucky growing up to have a best friend, her name is Marcie. Marcie and her family moved in 4 houses down when I was in the 3ed grade. Marcie has two sisters and two brothers. Marcie has a Mom named Jane. Marcie is the youngest of Jane’s children. Jane took me in and treated me like one of her own. She stuck by me even when times were rough.

When my first mom died (I was 13) Jane was there for me. She loved me and cared for me and fed me. I pretty much lived with Jane, Marcie and her family.

Jane was multi faceted cool. At Christmas I loved going to Marcie's house. There was so much chaos with so many kids. Jane always had a stocking filled with goodies and presents for me. She bought Marcie and I the latest toys that were popular at the time. One year she bought me a “Simon.” I loved that toy.

Another thing that made Jane so cool was that she listened to KFRC (pop rock) with us. She knew all the singers and knew the words to all the popular the songs.

Every one knows moms are not supposed to curse. Every now and then we would hear Jane curse. Marcie and I thought it was really funny and we would giggle if we would over hear Jane say Sh**. Marcie and I thought Jane was cool for letting it slip every now and then.

Part of Jane being so cool was Jane’s cooking. Jane made us kids really good food to eat. Some of my favorites were fried Bologna, chicken sandwiches from a crock pot, corn meal mush in a loaf, pancakes that were as big as the frying pan, a pasta and ground beef dish that she called Marzettie. She would make this really good salad, that has a cheesy dressing. YUMMY! She let us eat candy and potato chips. Jane made the best homemade chocolate chip cookies. Marcie and I loved to eat raw cookie dough. Jane would tell us eating raw cookie dough would give us worms, hoping to keep us out of the mixing bowl. The thought of worms never slowed us down. We would still get our fingers in the batter and lick the spoon. I told my kids they would get worms if they ate raw cookie dough. It never stopped them either.

Later in the lovely teen years Jane stood by me and never gave up on me. One summer evening my Dad’s next door neighbor came down to Jane’s house. His name was Frank. Frank was really mad at us neighborhood kids. (I am not going to go into that now) Frank pounded on the door. Marcie and I were in her room when we heard Frank yelling at Jane. He was telling Jane that Marcie and I were hooligans and that she needed to kick us out, and that he was going to call the police. Marcie and I snuck down the hall toward the door, Frank was going on and on. Jane tryed to shield us with the door, but we were not going to let Frank talk to Jane like that so we stood behind her and peaked over her shoulder. Jane was very calm, she kept saying “Oh no my girls would never do anything like that Frank.” Finally she shut the door, he was still yapping. I remember how good she made me feel, she stuck up for me even though I really didn’t deserve it. Even though I think Jane had an idea that some (most) of the things Frank was saying was true. Jane said good things about me, even when other people were not.

I am very thankful for all the years Jane gave to me. I could not of made it without her.

I LOVE YOU JANE! Happy Mothers Day!

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Lila said...

I hope Jane read this. What a wonderful tribute to her!