Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mothers Day

I had one of the best Mothers days I have had in years. I got up on Mothers day morning and got a cup of coffee. It was so strange, the Folgers coffee tasted so flavorful. I couldn't figure out why I could actually smell the coffee. On the island in the kitchen sat a beautiful burgundy vase with a dozen creamy pink colored roses. They had a very delicate sweet scent. Around 10:00 am my husband told me it was time to go. I knew we were going on a picnic.

We drove up to Sacramento. We went to a park right in front of the state capital. It was so delightful. The park was lush and green. It had redwoods, pine and oak trees. There was a rose garden and a heart retching memorial for firefighters. The sun was shining and it was very warm. We found a canopy of trees that had shade underneath. We had our picnic there.

My next surprise was what my husband had packed in the 2 different ice chests. He had 5 different kinds of cheese.
  1. Triple Cream
  2. Smoked Cheddar
  3. Goat Cheese "natural"
  4. Soft 3 Pepper Cheese
  5. Soft Garlic Herb
He knows how much I love cheese. So the cheese alone really made my day. He had various crackers and bread. He kept pulling food items out of the ice chest. and setting them on the little portable picnic table we had brought. He pulled out lobster sushi from Trader Joes. I was not so sure about sushi. I read the label and it was fully cooked sushi. We had watermelon and pickled artichokes. My husband reached the in the ice chest and pulled out a turkey sandwich and an egg salad sandwich. He had banana chips that were salty not sweet. He brought black olives, raspberries and chocolate brownies. He did not forget my favorite drink 7 - up. As a joke he brought canned sardines and oysters. The fully cooked lobster sushi was a little spicy and very tasty. It goes with out saying the cheese was delicious. My husband started asking me about the coffee. I told him it was the best folgers I had ever had. He had bought some dark Costa Rican coffee to surprise me. No wonder it tasted so good!

Next he took me to old Sacramento, where he bought "first class" tickets for us to ride on a train. Our car was from 1924. It was the only car that had air conditioning. It was 100' outside so that was very desirable. The train car had fancy cherry wood paneling and leather wing back chairs. The car attendants served us huge oatmeal cookies and water. The train went along the Sacramento river. At one point the train stops so it can blow off extra steam. Our car attends told us one time the train stopped to blow off the steam, no one knew a homeless man was sleeping in the bushes by the train track. I guess he got the shock of his life. The train attendant said the steam cools off quickly, so the homeless man did not get burned, but he did get a shower. They said he jumped up and started running.

After that it was time to come home. It was the best day I have had in a long time. I hope your mothers day went well!

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Lila said...

Wow! What a wonderful day. You painted it beautifully with your words! I know I say it all the time, but I'm absolutely crazy (in a good way) about reading your blog. It's so interesting! Have you ever thought about writing a book?