Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dog Barf (sorry gross subject)

Ok, I know this is gross, but I also think it is funny. As you know I have two dogs. Sadie the DIVA and Pepperjack who is a rough and tumble boy's, boy.

When Sadie is going to throw up she makes a huge production out of it. She will start with a BLAUGH coughing noise to makes sure she has someone's complete undivided attention. Next her body will start convulsing, then she starts rocking back and forth like a rocking horse. She keeps checking to make sure your watching . Next comes the stomach noises bluba, bluba, bluba . She puts down her head, sticks out her tongue (still convulsing and rocking) blubbbbbba. She turns to look at you with big brown sad eyes so you can feel really sorry for her and the traumatic experience she just endured. Sadie could easily win the academy award for throwing up. The good thing about Sadie is most of the time you can get her outside before it is to late.

On the other hand Pepperjack is all boy. He just wants to throw up and get it over with. No drama.

Yesterday morning I was sitting here checking email, Pepperjack was laying on the floor next to me. He sat up turned his head to the left and threw up in my tennis shoe. He looked up and kind of raised his eyebrows, shrugged his shoulders as if to say sorry mom, couldn't help it.

I have to say I love my doggies, even when they throw up in my shoe.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yep!....just about the same in this household.....we had an Irish Setter once that seemed to aim for shoes.....gotta love'm