Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breakfast @ Wat Mongkolratanaram

For years I have been hearing about a Buddhist Temple called "Wat Mongkolratanaram" that serves delicious Thai food in Berkeley. I asked Dahlia if she wanted to go with me. She agreed that it would be fun. I told her there would be pancakes, what I meant to say was Thai pancakes, not American type pancakes. 
As it turns out Thai food is NOT one of Dahlias favorites, especially at 10:00 am. 

This is the front of the temple

Here is the side view.  It looks like a neighborhood home that had been converted into a temple. I did not go inside, or even see a Monk. 

 In the back they had a beautiful garden you could walk around . It was peaceful.

 To get the food you buy donation tokens from this very kind gentleman. They cost $1.00 each. This is also where you buy your drinks. Soda and Thai Ice tea. 

They had food groups split up under different sections of the tents. 
You stand in line according the the group of food you want.
They had Vegetarian, Meat, Chicken and Dessert (pancakes) When you order it is kind of like Panda Express. You can get a single item or a plate with 2 or 3 entrees with rice. They also had soup and noodles. 
Here are a sample of the menus.

I picked the chicken.

My Thai Ice Tea. YUMMY!
Dahlia absolutely did not like this. 
I guess it is an acquired taste.

Dahlia had yellow curry- carrots, coconut milk, onion, potatoes tofu with 
 fired eggplant with basil, tofu and rice.
Where are the pancakes ???? LOL
I tried the yellow curry tofu. It was pure happiness wrapped in yellow!!

My Chicken Breakfast.

The chicken was the best chicken I have ever had! The skin was seasoned and fried to the most delicious crispy treat. The meat was tender. The rice was sticky sweet. The sauce was sweet and spicy.
I could of drank a gallon of that hot & sweet sauce. 

I noticed Dahlia was picking at her food as I chowed down with great delight. She thought the food was a little heavy for 10:00 am. Didn't bother me a bit. I finished my chicken breakfast and licked the cardboard box. JUST KIDDING I did not lick the box.

We found the pancakes after our meal. There were coconut milk puffs with green onion. It sounds disgusting, but they were hot, creamy and delicious.

I have to applaud Dahlia for being a great friend who wanted to try food she is not that familiar with.

I want to thank Dahlia because She was gracious enough to drive. It was a perfect day to cruise around in a convertible!


ChaChaneen said...

I absolutely lurve Thai food!! But then again, you probably already knew that my foodie friend! ha ha

KARNA said...

I want me some pure yellow wrapped in happiness too!!!!