Monday, July 18, 2011

Mothball Fleet

Yesterday my gig a low and I went on a boat tour of the Mothball Fleet in Suisun Bay. It was a 4 hour tour that included lunch. The tour was with Delta Discovery tours out of Pittsburg, Ca.

I enjoyed the causal speed of the boat. The water was a little choppy going out into the delta, but when we reached the bay, the water was great. (Typical summer pattern we were told)

The boat it self was a bit run down. The chairs to sit on the bow or the upper deck were torn and it appeared you would fall threw at any minute.

The crew seemed a little rough around the edges. The woman crew member who was a server was a bit more then a little rough. Another crew member was a young kid who seemed kind of...well...not very enthused. The captain and the boat owner were very kind and gracious.

When you board the boat you pick a table. You can stay at the table or move around on the top deck or the bow of the boat. The people at our table were very nice. One couple lives on a house boat year round, one elderly couple from the Sacramento area, one man who has lived in Pittsburgh for 47 years, me and my gig a low. Me and my gig a low were the life of the party.

The rough old woman got on the loud speaker and told us that they had life vest in the front and back of the boat. She said Delta Discovery tour did not allow people to do the "titanic." (see below). Almost as soon as she stopped speaking a man and his young son, who look like he was about 6 years old, got on the bow of the boat and started doing the titanic. Mr. Enthusiasm moved quickly and yelled at the father and child NO TITANIC -NO TITANIC!! The man and his son reluctantly stopped.

Doing the Titanic

The crew served "lunch" to your table. I must say Kaiser Hospital has better vending machine sandwiches then the food that was flopped in front of us.

I have read other people complaining that they could not get to the bow or a way to look over the rail on the top deck. I did not have that problem. I just pushed and shoved until I got to where I wanted to go.

Over all I give it 5 out of 10 buoys. Here is why.
It was overpriced

This is why I think the boat ride was over priced:

Groupon was NOT a good deal, it would of been worse if I paid full price..oh wait I ended up paying full price even with my groupon. There was taxes and other fees. A fee for a fee.
The food was a major disappointment!
The boat was run down and the chairs were falling apart.
The crew could of been much more friendly, and have some knowledge of the area. They told you up front they could not answer any questions.

I did enjoy spending a casual day out on the delta with my gig a low.
Here is my photo album.

City of Pittsburg's Marina

Our Delta Discovery Cruise Boat

Vessel Assistant Boat

Mt. Diablo

The marine layer! I love it!

Pelicans coming in for a landing

Our very tasty lunch on board- yeah right :p

The ghost ships

The USS Iowa

She has big guns!

For the history of USS Iowa go to

Captain Ed

Boat owner Steve

Port Chicago Navel Memorial
To read the history go here

Some kind of top secret navy loading and unloading gizmos

This huge cargo ship from Singapore came up behind us then passed us as if we were sitting still.

Would I take this cruise again? No. Did I have fun? Yes. Would I recommend it? I am on the fence.

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