Saturday, July 2, 2011

Super 8 - Movie Spoiler

Sci/Fi - Fantasy

1 hour 52 min, Rated PG-13 
1 F word
1 creepy spider like monster
Very little blood and guts, (it shows the alien eating someone's leg)
A few big blast and quite a bit of gunfire
one kid throws up twice.

I just got back from seeing the movie Super 8. I have to say I really loved the movie. Sure to be a classic like the Sandlot or Goonies. To me the movie had the feel of a Jurassic Park blended with ET.

Super 8's basic concept is about a group of kids trying to make a low budget super 8 zombie movie. While filming the movie, the kids stumble on a government secret... They are holding a really pissed off alien against its will. The alien is only mad because he is scared. The alien just wants to go home.

I love the setting of the movie 1979. It was so much fun going down memory lane (not that I remember that much of 1979)  Super 8 captured the pop culture of the time to every last detail. 

The language made me crack up, "you wanna kick back?" "Mint" "Bitchin'" "Dork"
I loved the clothes! Polyester shirts, hair rollers, deck shoes.
The hair - guys with long hair, girls with Farrah Fawcett hairdos. My foster sister had the same hairstyle as the fat kids sexy sister in the movie. The used car salesman had a toupee that was to big for his head, just like they used to ware.
Cool cars- The movie had Pintos and Impalas and Chevelles. My fosters sisters boyfriend,who we called The Worm used to tell us "no shoes on my upholstery" just like the movie. The Worm would do a comb check before we got into his car. ( no combs in your back pocket) He wanted to protect his upholstery. I think he just wanted to look at our butts.
The police had a HUGE hand held radio, One kid was playing with the very first football hand held video game. The movie made numerous references to talking on the CB radio.
Do you remember Kodak film? The movie took the time to explain that developing film took a long time. Not like the digital age now.
The boys in the group were riding the new style BMX bikes.

Every song made me smile- Don't Bring Me Down (Electric Light Orchestra ), Bye Bye Love (The Cars), Easy (The Commodores) Under Cover Angel (Alan O'Day) Heart Of Glass (Blondie), My Sharona (The Knack.) Heart of glass was playing on a cassette walkman. That was about the time rock and roll, soul, disco and new wave music were competing for the airways. I had a Disco Sucks shirt, I wore it proudly.

Best quote: Joe Lamb: Bad things happen... but you can still live.

You could take the story lines on the surface, or go a little deeper.
A child's mother dies, how he has to let go.
Falling in love.
There is redemption.
Just because something is different then us, we don't have to torture it. 
In your heart you always want to go home.
If I could only use two words to review this movie they would be entertaining and fun.

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