Monday, July 25, 2011

Prayer Rant

I have little doubt that I have had this rant before, but I did not feel like sifting through a couple of years of blogs to find out for sure.

My mother in law called me a few days ago and she was very upset, so I rushed over to her house. My father in law has been in the hospital or convalescent hospital for over 90 days now. He has almost died at least 3 times in those 90 days.

My In Laws have been good Catholics their entire life's. They have gone to the same church for years and years and years. I guess priest come and go. Their current priest has been at their church for about 8 years now. My mother in law was telling me that her priest has not called, offered her personal prayer or visited the hospital. I suggest to my mother in law- maybe the priest does not know that my father in law is in the hospital and very ill, after all it is a large church. No my mother in law said, they pray out loud for him every Sunday during the liturgy (or some Catholic thing I am not familiar with.) The priest is within earshot of the prayer. Not only that my father in law's name is in the bulletin asking for prayer. Therefore, the priest SHOULD KNOW that my father in law is sick. My mother in law feels that the priest should give a call or at the very least offer a personal prayer with her. I have to agree with my mother in law .

I don't understand clergy these days who think they don't need to pray with there flock or visit a hospital. Some how they believe that the "church" should take care of one another. ( I agree to a point) but I still think the clergy needs be be involved with the people, not just standing behind a pulpit telling the church to do everything themselves.

I hear the argument that church go'rs need to take personal responsibility. They should not depend on the Pastor to do "everything" for them. To me that is insulting. What is so wrong with taking some time to have personal interaction with the people who go to your church ?

So I ask myself what do I think preachers do everyday? Are they just way to busy to help their own people? This is my guess of what they may do every week. Write Sunday sermons (even though you can find them online), counseling, figure out how to raise money, study the bible, prepare for bible study, pay bills, have meetings, listen to people complain about stuff? I don't know.

The parishioners are suppose to work, raise a family, clean the house, go grocery shopping, pay bills, study their bible, prepare for bible study, go to meetings and take on the person to person praying and/or hospital visit. It seems to me a priest could cut 30 minutes out of their day to pray for a woman with a very ill husband.

Even though I know a Pastor or a Priest puts on his pants the same way I do everyday, he has no more connection with God then I do. Somehow it still seems special and comforting when clergy takes the time to pray with you or visit you in the hospital. You feel like you are cared for.

I have experienced this do it yourself attitude coming from non catholic ministers, so I understand why my mother in law is very upset.

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KARNA said...

I think the priest should go and pray over your father in law and with your mother in law.

I think people who go to any chuch do love it when the pastor can come and pray and offer some words of solace.

Pastors also grocery shop, do yardwork, pay bills, study thebible, prepare for bible studies, and go to many meetings as well as numerous other things in running a home and a life. The pastor also has to be ready to conduct a funeral for those he knows and those he may not know woh call him from the community. He has to be able to listen to the gripes of the outspoken. He counsels and watches people not take the counsel he has given. His family suffers because he is 'at church' most of the time. Some of them cut the grass, clean out overflowing toilets, talk to strangers who call for help, as well as people who attend. He has to run a staff which is no small matter. He has to oversee a budget which is a huge responsibility. They really are on call 24/7. They can't meet every need but the do try ... at least thats my estimation from working in two churches for a total of 14 years.
xoxox K
re finding sermons on line; i woudl hate it if i had a pastor who read me asermon he found on line; I'd be gone most likely.
again, I think the priest should be with your mother in law; why dont you give him a call and tell him nicely that she is suffering and needs him to make a call to see her.