Monday, May 2, 2011

Port Costa 1

First I want to thank all my friends who tried to cheer me up this last week. I was having a pitty party. Woe is me, who never gets a "real" vacation. I have not been on a "real" vacation since the late "90s" I try to tell myself that many people don't get to have a vacation. I think of the people who just lost everything in the tornadoes and tsunamis, or the people who are born and raised in garbage dumps.

What do I have to whine about? I tried really hard to be thankful for what I have. Somehow I just could not get past it. I spent my alone hours on the internet looking at vacation destinations around the world and here in the states. I almost convinced myself it was worth bankruptcy and losing my job,  to go way for 2 or 3 weeks. I need a break.

Yesterday my gig a low suggest we go to Winterhawk winery in Susiun to see GG-GP's band.  The drive to the Winery was relaxing, I enjoyed being "out in the country." Once we got there I was moping again. I really did not want to hang around middle aged drunk people. Unless your drunk, it really is not fun. All these leather skinned, fake tan, breast implant, middle aged drunk women, and dirty old drunk men...I was unhappy again. Yes it was upscale. Drunk is drunk no matter how much money you have. GG-GP band was great. GG-GP and Shawn are super cool.  My gig a low suggested we go someplace for dinner.

GG-GP suggest an Italian restaurant  down the road. As it turned out we went on a wild goose chase. Never finding the Italian restaurant. I have to say I loved driving around out in the "country" looking at all the vineyards and old houses. We decided to get back on the freeway and go somewhere. As we were headed west I suggested we go to Port Costa.

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