Saturday, May 21, 2011

House Finch Drama

We must have 10 bird nest in our yard this year. I love the little birdies. Here is what happened as it took place on FB. 

"Me " OH no, a baby bird was pushed out of it's nest and I found him on the front porch just a few minuets ago. The wild life hospital doesn't open until 9:00 am, tomorrow. I hope and pray the little birdie makes it.
    • “D” put him in a box to keep it warm til then
    • “ME” yes I have him in a box here in my office, I hope he makes it!
    • “B” if not, you could bury it in the backyard and have a little ceremony. =)
    • “ME” poor little thing, he is so cute.
    • “B” whatcha gonna name him?
    • “H” A few years ago we had a baby squirrel fall out of it's nest. We named him "Thud". my cousin took him to the wild life hospital down there!
    • "Me" I will name him Joseph because he brothers pushed him out of the nest.
    • “B” how about: Flop! I think its cute, and he will like it too!
    • “A” Put him back in the nest
    • “B” put him back? but what if he gets kicked out again in the middle of the night, in the cold, all alone, wimpering, and freezing, and wishing someone would rescue him, and wishing someone would love him.... dont put him back, they dont want him, he is better with RQ. I know she will take care of him!
    • “A” he's a bird..he really can't talk and won't really be sayin' all that stuff..he prob didn't get kicked out he prob fell you think his mama can go get him and carry his sorry self back to the nest? No. She can't. She needs RQ to help him out and put him back for her. Then all will be good and right in his little world. Ok? Ok good..go to bed your tired.
    • "ME" I tried to put him back in the nest, the the others in the nest are to big. There was no room. He did not make it over night. Poor little thing. The fall must of been to much for him. BOO HOO :(
    • “D” Sorry RQ you tried good job
    • “E” Did you try mouth to beak?
    • “B” oooooooh thats so sad! well i know you did your best! give him a good resting place, ok!
    • “K”  E SNORT i actually snorted with laughter on that one!! lololol
    • “A” Your a real good Samaritan!
    • "ME" I am sorry you animal haters have no compassion for Gods creation.
    • “A” I love little's squirrels I don't like.
    • “G” Poor birdie. I'm glad you found it.
    • “B” i LOVE animals! i hate BUGS!
    • “ME” GUESS WHAT! When I got home from work I noticed another baby finch had fallen from a nest - in the back yard this time, Sara my dog was going to try to eat it, but I pushed her out of the way, got him in time. I am so pleased I could rescued the little birdie. I got it to the wild life hospital in time, this time! They said it was skinny. I am so happy I could get this baby help! I have been redeemed. Thank you God for giving me another chance!
    • “A” You're like the bird whisperer...
    • “B” wow! whats going on there RQ? im glad u where able to save this one! yaaaaaaay! Super Hero RQ to the RESCUE!
    • “K” I think E was trying to relieve you of your sadness, and I just thot the remark was funny. I am not a bird hater; of all God's creatures I love birds probably the best of all!!!! I'm glad you got the next finch to the hospital!! finches are my absolute favs. xoxoxxo
    • “A” RQ I love you - 
    • "Me" I love you too "A"
    • “L”  “A”...the bird whisperer...that's funny.
    • “A” ‎:)
    • “B” ahhhhh someone should "Tweet" about all this! ROFLMAO!
    • “A” That was good one “B”
I am so blessed to have good friends 
on my blog, 
on fb, 
in real life! 

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