Friday, May 6, 2011

Post Buket List

The question is who do I (you) want to meet after you die? This list does not include any family or friends because of course I want to be reunited with them.

Here is my post bucket list of people I would like to meet.
  1. Jesus (God/ Holy Spirit ) you get 3 for the price of 1
  2. John the baptist
  3. Johnny Cash
  4. June Carter
  5. Billy Graham
  6. Mother Teresa
  7. Percilla (the tent maker)
  8. David
  9. Elijah 
  10. Rahab

1 comment:

KARNA said...

Intersting thots...I must admit I really did laugh tho that your #2 pick Johnny Cash came right after John the Baptist. It just struck my funny bone. I've never thought about this and wonder if we will recognize people immediately or how it all happens up there. If it's biblical characters I want to sit and chat it up with Joseph.