Friday, May 6, 2011

Port Costa 2

So we turned off the freeway on to a very narrow two lane road. It was like we transformed instantly to some place far away, out in the country.

I loved the drive down the curvy road to Port Costa. The hills looked as if they were green velvet. There were still some California poppies along the way. The orange poppies were a sharp contrast to the green hills all around them. There were cows and calf's grazing, they lifted their heads to watch us pass by. Occasionally, a motorcyclist would pass us on the way out. I used to love riding this road on a motorcycle. Back in the days when you did not have to ware a helmet. You felt free having the wind in your face. It is just not the same in a car.

I was happy. I love being "out in the country" I have felt misplace my whole life. My friends and family tease me and say I could not last a week out in the country. They say I would get board.  I beg to differ.

So we get into "town" there must of been 300 bikers there! It was a beautiful day in Port Coasta. "Downtown" Port Costa has 5 businesses open. A hunted house of ill repute that is now a hotel, a bar, a cafe next to the bar, the post office and a restaurant. We ate dinner at the restaurant, Bull Valley Inn.


It seemed as if we had stepped back in time. The restaurant was dimly lit even though it was very bright outside. The floors squeaked on our way to the table. The back ground music was accuistic Willy Nelson. It seemed Willys voice was appropriate at the restaurant. His voice being very unconventional, and a little bit melancholy. (Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain)   

We had the perfect lovers nook to sit at. As we sat there and waited for our food, the motorcyclist group by group decided it was time to head for home.  The floors, walls and windows would shake. It sound like roaring thunder each time they would pass. It just added to the excitement. It was fun to imagine what Port Costa was like during the old days when it was a thriving port.

Our server (if you had to guess you would say he was gay) was bar tender and waiter. He was very busy, but very kind.  Our food arrived. I had the NY steak, my gig a low had steak medallions. My gig a low loved his dinner, I loved the experience.

After dinner we walked across the gravel parking lot, over the railroad tracks and looked out over the strait. It was beautiful. We went back and walked down the lonely street passed the bar, a few bikers were still there. We peered into the windows of old buildings and let our imaginations go wild. 

I did not want to leave, but it was getting dark. No way I would drive that road out of town at night. In 10 minutes we where back on the freeway headed home. My heart sank.

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KARNA said...

I haven't been to that restaurant. There is another one right near the water; a fish place that I have been to a couple of times although I think its been under new ownership for quite a while. Sounds like you need to move to the country girl!!!I can see you there, you will never be bored no matter where you live, that I know like Oprah says: THIS I KNOW....right. It's a very pretty drive down the windy road and your graphic description brought me there with the green rolling hills and poppies! love you! thanks for part 2;i've been waiting.