Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is my observation on facebook.

Sometimes I feel like face book is a popularity contest.
I have 300 friends, but some of my friends have 3000 friends. My question is out of those 3000 (or 300) friends who will be there for you when your world is falling apart? Or what if you only get 4 Happy Birthdays on FB? Do you feel bad? Have you ever been UN friended? No loss I already have 299 more friends. (just kidding)

Have you seen those people who write every last detail of their life? "I am in the bathroom at the airport." Tell you the truth I don't care if your in the bathroom in the airport.

The gamers that drive many people I know crazy with the constant posting trying to get other people to join the game or help them advance in the game. I "hide" those people.

Or what about the people who hang their dirty laundry out to dry, word for word on FB? Although it makes for good reading, come on people battle it out in private. It surprises me how many middle aged adults do this. What ever happened to talking out a problem face to face? Grow Up.

Or the people who post the detail of their sex lives.. humm did you ever think your kids may be reading your post?

I have a friend (who truly is a friend) that leaves vague half messages, so you have to figure out what she is trying to say or who she is trying to say them to...

I must drive people nuts with the radical save the animal posts. You can hide or unfriend me, I am ok with that. 

Do you have a friend who post youtube music videos to tell the drama of their life? Or to get revenge on someone?

The good part of facebook is reconnecting with old friends or staying connected with current friends. That just happened to me with Orchid. We had not talked in 10 years. I love looking at my friends photos. Sometimes I wish my true friends would post more. I like keeping up with my true friends and what they are doing.

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KARNA said...

you hit one of my pet peeves about FB (well two of them): people who put just enough out there so you dont know what the heck is happening to them. I think they want us to beg for more and i wont do it. and then those who play those games ...i also hide them :) I dont have as many friends as you...with my old account i had 248 and now just 100+ i am so unpopular! LOLOL I know you'll be there for me when i'm down and out, cuz you are now! i love you ..dont ever change! (except where God leads you) :)